‘Elvira’ Actress Cassandra Peterson Dishes On Her Dream Date With Elvis Presley (VIDEO)


The competition was held on August 26, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He’s got the whole package: If you can not see him live, check out his video: He moves like Elvis, he looks like the older Elvis Elvis around and he sounds like Elvis. On Rick’s homepage you can read his biography, concert schedule, buy merchandise and listen to some sound samples www. He’s got the Elvis look, the moves and he sings very good. The result was a surprise to Scot, what was meant as a part-time “gig” to supplement his income blossomed into a full-time career. Because of his uncanny resemblance to the young “King” and his ability to sing, strum a guitar, and swivel his hips, his live show has taken him all over the world to places like Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia where he had the privilege of performing for the King and Queen , Mainland China, Australia and several countries in Europe and South America. He regularly plays concert dates across the United States.

Elvis: The Last Romantic

It was agreed that CBS would videotape concerts during the summer of The final special was culled from footage from two performances on June 19, , in Omaha, and June 21, , in Rapid City, although much of the footage from Omaha was considered unusable due to sound and performance problems. The show was shot on NTSC videotape although many film conversions have appeared over the years.

This is the last known footage of Elvis ever filmed, and he can be seen wearing his favorite DEA jacket. During the special, Presley performs a number of songs spanning his career. During one song, ” Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Elvis in Concert is the live album released by RCA Records in October in conjunction with the television special of the same name which featured some of the final performances of American singer and musician Elvis aped and recorded in June , both the special and album were broadcast and released on October 3, (the single “My Way”/”America the Beautiful” was released the.

When an injury threatened his ability to play the guitar, Jon taught himself to play in a new and unique way. People have compared him to Michael Hedges and Alex de Grassi , but Jon has a style that is entirely his own. When you listen to him play you will wonder where the electronics generating those fantastic loops are. You’ll wonder how he weaves those intricate textures. You will be awed. Jon has quieted the noisiest room with his musical prowess and even with this description you still won’t believe it when you see him play.

The King and I: Lisa Marie Presley can spot her true fans in a crowd of Elvis followers

Barbara stayed there until she was 5, then her family moved to Miami, Florida. At the age of 16 Barbara spent her summer vacation visiting family in Georgia and Tennessee. Her husband served in the Marine Corps and was stationed in Cuba.

Jan 17,  · By that time, Elvis was a huge national sensation, and 10, teenagers (rather than traditional country music fans) packed the auditorium. From the first moment Elvis strode on stage, they screamed at the top of their lungs and never let up.

Why did Elvis die? In a technically complex and thought provoking exploration of Elvis’ death, William Ronan, Clinical Member of AAMH and American Psychotherapy Association Diplomat, presents his case for considering causative factors – principally how cumulative personal loss and its associated trauma led to Elvis’ loneliness, depression and addiction, factors which affected his physical state and ultimately contributed to his death.

Read Nigel Patterson’s detailed review Book Review , Source: The backlash from Trump’s Presidential Medal of Freedom to Elvis has of course caused the usual negative criticism – including some rubbish about Elvis being racist. EIN was trying to avoid this political negativity – it leads nowhere but anger, but the “racist” point has to be corrected.

Elvis Costello Charity Concert Promises Heart And Humor

There are two main reasons why this happens. The first is that the workplace is somewhere that people spend time together, so it is an opportunity to meet someone and to get to know them better. The second reason why people date someone with the same job is that they are likely to have similar interests and aspirations in life.

This is certainly the case when it comes to those who work in the entertainment industry as actors and actresses often date and marry someone who is also in the television or film industry. This can also help their careers as they become a high-profile couple.

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Thursday, 11 October ; numbers listed! From Elvis in Memphis; From Nashville to Memphis 4 Hank Snow’s original spent no less than 21 weeks at the top of Billboard’s Country chart in and no less than 49 consecutive weeks in that same chart between and Snow’s heyday was between and , but he continued performing regularly until the mid s. Snow was born on 9 May in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, and suffered a childhood of poverty and abuse. He ran away from home at age 12 and worked at various jobs before following his idol, Jimmy Rodgers into the music business, and eventually earning himself a record deal with RCA Canada in He became a US citizen in Hank Snow died in December According to Elvis, “Probably the saddest song I’ve ever heard.

Elaine Tubb was added to the copyright May 25, Ernest Tubb was born in This led to his first appearance at the Grand Old Opry that same year and the following year he became a regular performer there, appearing right up to his death in This, combined with personal difficulties, led Riley to sell all of his master tapes and quit the music business.

The Sad Story of Elvis Presley’s Senior Prom

Paris and Nicky Hilton Heir to: The socialite also has her own line of perfumes, handbags, watches and footwear. Her younger sister, Nicky Hilton, has her own clothing and jewelry line.

However, he ended up dating one of his fans. He met Adrienne Nesser backstage after one of his gigs in Elvis Presley died of a Heart attack on August 16, , although there has been.

Elvis had been drawn to Locke’s church, First Assembly of God, because of his love of gospel music and the Blackwood Brothers Quartet, which sang at the church. On January 24, , Fourteen-year-old Dixie noticed Elvis at a church function and making sure he overhears, she made plans with a girlfriend to go roller-skating the following Saturday night. He was a very shy person, but when he started singing he put so much into putting the music across that he kind of lost himself.

He threw himself into it completely’, she says. The following Saturday, Elvis went to the Rainbow Rollerdome, where he ‘bumped’ into Dixie, speaking to her for the first time. He drives her home in his Lincoln. On February 16, Barely two weeks after their first meeting, Elvis brought Dixie home to meet his parents. On February 26, Elvis and Dixie attended the all-night Gospel singing at Ellis Auditorium together for the first time.

Elvis and Dixie will see each other virtually every day throughout the summer, going to the movies two or three times a week. On June 3, Dixie left Memphis for a family vacation in Florida.

Johnny Hallyday: How the French Rock ‘n’ Roll singer became France’s Elvis Presley

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Dave Hebler Interview with EIN: Dave Hebler is best known to Elvis Presley fans as being part of the Memphis Mafia and Elvis’ bodyguard in the mid-seventies. As an integral part of Elvis’ personal and professional life, Hebler’s primary responsibility was the personal safety of Elvis at home as well as at recording sessions, personal appearances, concert tours and various recreations.

Posted on January 17, by Phil Arnold 8 Comments The Auctions at Graceland have quickly become a big part of the fun during Elvis Week and the birthday celebration each year. The fourth auction was held on January 7, and a total of items were offered. We will start with this tape because it has an interesting history. Elvis made many appearances, but his last was in December 15, By that time, Elvis was a huge national sensation, and 10, teenagers rather than traditional country music fans packed the auditorium.

From the first moment Elvis strode on stage, they screamed at the top of their lungs and never let up. Flashbulbs went off like gunfire. When Elvis finished his set plus an encore, he exited the stage. However, all the teenage girls continued their incessant screaming, effectively stopping the show. The teenagers headed for the exits in droves. Management panicked and had Logan plead to them to stay in their seats because many more acts were yet to appear.

With the addition of still photos, recollections by fans, and other filler material, this could easily be made into a great DVD. I sure hope so.

Vernon and Gladys Presley : Elvis Presley’s Mother and Father

Inside the package was a notice announcing the arrival of BowieNet, a major undertaking spearheaded by the legendary musician that promised a unique portal to the internet. The news was a little premature. But by September 1 of that year, Bowie had launched a pioneering effort in the intersection between music, the internet, and fandom. In many ways, BowieNet anticipated the concept of social networking five years before MySpace debuted and six years before Facebook came into existence.

NUDIE COHN: the man behind the Gold Suit. In the following article we will focus on the impact and importance of the Gold Suit. We will do so by chronicalizing the connection between Nudie Cohn and Elvis Presley through the years.

This year, they weren’t onstage for more than a few minutes before Bob Woodruff gleefully announced, “Bruce is back! As you may remember, this benefit is under the auspices of the New York Comedy Festival, and while there are always some actual comedians on the bill tonight featured Jimmy Carr, Seth Myers, Jim Gaffigan, and Jon Stewart , Bruce always feels that it is his duty to tell some dirty jokes since there are servicemen and women in the audience. Looking trim and chic in some artfully faded denim, one sleeve rolled up to not get in the way of his guitar playing, Bruce opened the evening with a vibrant rendition of “This Hard Land.

Although after a normal Springsteen tour, Broadway probably feels like a vacation. When the applause had died down, with obvious relish, Bruce launched into the first joke of his segment. My jokes are not comedian jokes, so you’ve got to cut them a little slack,” he prefaced his first comedy bit. A piano player who’s looking for work goes into an agent’s office.

The agent says, “Well, let me hear what you got.

Thank you for nine great years

None of his other movies made it into the top 20 films for the years in which they were released. Why no fan club information? Ideally I would have liked adding in statistics of the total number of fans in fan clubs a more accurate measure than the number of fan clubs – one man could have had one club with a million fans and the other ten clubs with only in each one during the period of their maximum popularity for Bing, for Elvis but I haven’t been able to locate this data.

Why only Top 30 songs?: I only used the songs from each singer that made it into the top 30 because that’s all the lower my reference for Bing goes.

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The celebration, August , will include performances by two of the King’s most famous backup singers, Darlene Love and Cissy Houston, and a launch event for his new gospel album, “Where No One Stands Alone,” which features a virtual duet with daughter Lisa Marie Presley. To get this party started, here are 40 of the best songs Elvis ever recorded. Elvis Presley’s rockabilly cover lives up to the title.

Elvis seen here with his parents in recorded his version one night in July , and it caught the attention of Sun Records founder Sam Phillips, “Mystery Train” An early-Elvis classic written by Memphis blues singer Junior Parker, this B-side to the largely forgotten “I Forgot to Remember to Forget” became a surprise hit on Billboard’s country chart. It was a rare Top 10 hit on three charts: All four are great, but year-old Elvis is the one who really shines.

Dixie Locke remembers Elvis Presley

Elvis was a dumb hillbilly and a mama’s boy. BTW, my sister worked with this lady whose father used to buy Elvis’s famliy groceries when Elvis was a kid. The lady said the famliy were extremely dirt poor, and they were extremely nice people. He was a bored genius in my opinion. A lot has been said that he put “one night stands in one lump of opinion and the ladies, he called his girlfriends in a different group” A lot like men do in this day and time huh?

Rare Elvis Artifacts to be Featured in First-Ever “Auction at Graceland” JULY 22, Details Announced for Unprecedented Auction to Take Place at Graceland During Elvis Week in AugustHighlights of the rare Elvis Presley artifacts to be included in the first-ever “Auction at Graceland” have been announced, along with registration and catalog ordering details for the auction, .

Lisa Marie Presley can spot her true fans in a crowd of Elvis followers HER gritty songs and bluesy growl have found favour with critics and now Lisa Marie Presley is winning curious fans for her own music. Lisa Marie Presley will tour Sydney and Melbourne next week. The singer and songwriter, who came late to her music career after years of cautious procrastination because of her father, likes to meet the people who like her music.

She knows some of them are Elvis fans but mostly these days, 11 years after releasing her debut record To Whom It May Concern, Presley is proud to call them her people. The year-old singer and songwriter loves that a lot of them are women her own age who can relate to the relationship dramas and existential crises she writes about. And then there is the “large gay following” she adores for their support of “strong women”.

Are they looking at my dad, are they seeing me for me now?

Elvis Presley – A Date With Elvis – Full Album (Vintage Music Songs)

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